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Some General Info:

The Baltimore Free Store is an all volunteer organization. We collect donated and salvaged items
and make them available to people free of charge. Though we target low-income neighborhoods to
distribute goods, there are no requirements for shoppers; all Free Markets are open to anyone who
wishes to come. Our motto is “give what you can, take what you need.”

Our Mission:

We promote recycling and reuse to help alleviate the traumas of poverty and to involved communities
in working together to meet their needs.

Our Vision:

We envision communities forged through relationships based on mutual aid and cooperation. We use
the distribution of free items as a catalyst for change and as a way to demonstrate what can be done
when communities work together. We envision a society where relations are not based upon individual
greed, consumption, and private ownership – but a society where individuals are empowered towards the
creation of sustainable and cooperative communities. To this end we encourage recycling and reuse as a
means to counteract excessive waste and consumption within our society. Our vision for the future means
empowered, stronger communities and the creation of a healthier Baltimore City.

Our Core:

Bonnie Nordvedt - Administrator
Tonya Solomon - Community Relations
Brandy Timpson - Inventory Manager
Jen Doll - Volunteer Coordinator
Julia Sargent - Public Relations Director
Jim Hunter - Warehouse Operations Manager
Matt Warfield - President of the Board